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Freedom Financial Network Cares

You can call us if you have questions about credit card, mortgage, personal loan or student loan hardship programs. Or, maybe you have questions about government assistance programs for small businesses, or how to file for unemployment.

Let us answer your questions. No cost. No strings. Nothing to sell you.
This is our way to pay it forward and help where we can.
Call us Monday - Friday from 8am till 4pm Pacific Time.


Just because the world is changing doesn't mean we change our Mission.

Our Mission at Freedom Financial Network has always been to empower everyday people to move forward towards a better financial future. To do that, sometimes you need a little help. That's why we created this special helpline - to give people the opportunity to get the right information from our experts.

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Select the topic you need help with. You will be directed to the most up-to-date information available in our extensive resource library.

Frequently Asked Questions

Freedom Financial Network is providing this material for informational and educational purposes only to help individuals impacted by the current crisis. This material is not intended to provide financial, legal, investment, or tax advice.