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Credit Cards

Like other lenders, credit card issuers are running a variety of COVID-19-related payment hardship contact information. Here is a list of the best phone numbers and websites to get access to those programs.

American Express American Express has a Financial Hardship Program available to customers who know they will fall behind on their payments. Possible remedies include a reduced interest rate, a waiver of late payment fees and a lowering of monthly minimums required to keep the account current. 866-703-4169 Website

Bank of America Bank of America has an online request for a payment deferral option on its secure website. You’ll see the option after you log in. 800-732-9194 Website

Barclay’s Barclay’s has a range of options for cardmembers facing financial difficulties related to the coronavirus outbreak, including allowing them to skip a monthly payment while offering late fee waivers, cash advance fee waivers, finance charge adjustments and flexible review for credit line increases. 855-207-3506 Website

Capital One Capital One is “here to help” and encourages customers to contact them directly. Possible options include waiving fees and lowering minimum payments 800-227-4825 Website

Chase Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon put out a letter to shareholders in which he outlines steps Chase is taking regarding credit card customers. It’s important to note the letter states “customers who tell us about their financial struggles as a result of the crisis” will receive help. In other words, call Chase before you miss a payment. 800-432-3117 Website

Citi Citibank has let customers know that if you contact them, the bank has options for you including credit line increases and collection forbearance programs 800-950-5114 Website

Discover In a statement, Discover said it “will be extending relief to qualified customers who are experiencing financial difficulty caused by the spread of COVID-19. Discover customers may receive assistance that can include support related to payment timing, fees and late payments.” 800-983-1412 Website

Synchrony (Branded cards – e.g. Walmart, Old Navy, Amazon) You might not recognize Synchrony Bank’s name, but if you have a store credit card, there’s a good chance that it was issued by Synchrony. The company’s coronavirus help page has issued a statement: “If you are impacted and unable to find what you need through our digital channels, please contact us to discuss how we can help.” The best way to reach Synchrony is via the number on the back of your credit card. Expect longer than usual hold times. 800-642-4720 or refer to number on back of card Website

USAA 800-531-8722 Website

U.S. Bank 888-287-7817 Website

Wells Fargo 800-642-4720 Website