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Renter Relief

Renters have some eviction protection from the Federal Government, but only if they live in a multifamily building or single family home that has a federally backed mortgage. Landlords cannot evict tenants of these buildings or charge any late fees, penalties or other charges for late rent payments. In addition, many municipalities have enacted renter and eviction protections during this time.

Many state and local governments have stopped evictions because of the coronavirus pandemic. The details of how renters are protected, and for how long, depend on where you live.

Some states have:

  • Prohibited any eviction notices or action
  • Stopped all court eviction hearings
  • Stopped enforcing eviction orders or judgments

Visit the Eviction Lab’s list Eviction Lab’s list of state and local eviction and foreclosure limits to find out if your state or local community has eviction protections during this time.

For additional housing support resources, please visit JustShelter.org. For more detailed information about statewide orders, please see the COVID-19 Housing Policy Scorecard.